Posted by: akostecka | June 1, 2008

Singing in the Reign

The rain is falling outside today and the water is washing the pollen away, too.  Yesterday we went to Spokane where we crossed the river several times in the valley where we just purchased some more duplexes.  On our journey out there, we took Upriver Drive to see our swolen river swirl and rush through the gates of the dam.  Drawn to the water, we made a pilgrimage to the falls downtown.

We were able to go right under the Monroe Street Bridge and feel the rumble of the powerful water in our chests, right where it belongs.  It’s power makes me feel so small, so little compared to the rushing water so eager for the sea.  As I watch the rain this morning, too, I see it so eagerly hit the ground only to find its way to a stream, to a river, and ultimately to the sea as well.  I couldn’t help standing outside this morning in thanksgiving for the water our Lord gives us to touch and taste.  It is that same longing that I have for him that the drops do for the sea.  The journey is long for that little drop, like our sojourn on earth, but it will eventually be realized. 

Thank you, Lord for your Reign for I will be with you today and you in me.  Thank you for the gift of your body and blood alive in me in the most precious Eucharist!



  1. Your reflection on the rain brought forth a tender ache in my heart and mist in my eyes. It water this earthen vessel and a hymn of praise and thanks sprang up from my soul for you, my dearst.

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