Posted by: akostecka | June 9, 2008

Family School

Good Morning.  I am feeling a little under the weather this morning, but I just forced myself to come here and read some posts from other bloggers, I just had to share this from Amy Welborn who had a large quote from theologian Julie Hanlon-Rubio at the Catholic Theological Society’s convention.  She talks about family and the profundity of JPII’s definition in Familiaris Consortio  “as ‘a community of love, called to be church together,’ and ‘to soften the hard edges of society through works of charity, mercy and hospitality.’ She called that the most integrating, challenging vision of marriage and family I know.”

Here is a little chunk of a quote and a challenge for family:

Families need to be brought into regular contact with the dying, the handicapped, and the poor, Hanlon Rubio argued, in ways that go beyond donating to a food pantry at Thanksgiving.

“Catholic social teaching can’t really penetrate the church unless it goes through the family,” she said.

The challenge is to look into the eyes of people and realize that they carry the dignity of  Christ himself. 

Lord, help me to live in love and give my kids opportunities to love others, too.  May we practice such love both within the walls of our home and in our family as well as outside with our neighbors.  Help us to make education for love and charity a priority above all else because we love You, O God, by loving others.



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