Posted by: akostecka | June 30, 2008

Make known His deeds

Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved parish priest, Fr. Jose Millan.  What a holy priest who has been [a conduit of] Christ for so many people, young and old and everyone in betweeen.  We had a parish celebration and despedida where nearly 300 people turned out for dinner and a goodbye program.  During our program, there was an open mic where parishioners could tell stories of how Fr. Jose has been a blessing to them.  It is amazing how God blesses his people through the sacraments in so many ways; especiallly through the sacrament of reconciliation that Brianna, my eight year old, two teens, and at least half the adults highlighted during their time at the mic.

Time at the mic; testimonies, that is what we heard at Fr. Jose’s despedida (going away) program in the church.  How often do we get to hear real life stories of how God works in the lives of our friends and acquaintances?  One lady of our parish told us how she was restored to friendship with God through Fr. Jose gently urging her to have her marriage (of 24 years) blessed in the Church.  Through this process, she told how she came back to God through the sacrament of reconciliation where Fr. Jose told her to “start with those sins you’ve been avoiding.”  She said how great she felt after that confession! 

Could we please have more opportunities to tell the stories of how God has blessed us?  Our evening of remembering Fr. Jose was a time to take stock of the blessings of God himself throught he hands of our holy priest who is a conduit of God’s grace through the sacraments–heaven touching earth. 

” Give thanks to the Lord, invoke His name; make known among the peoples his deeds!” –Psalm 105:1





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