Posted by: akostecka | August 1, 2008

The Truth About Me

I have been thinking a lot about my personal testimony.  What is my story in my journey of faith?  I spoke to a youth who I sent to a training called Leadership, Evangelization and Discipleship.  He called me the other night “on high” for the Lord.  It was so gratifying to hear his enthusiasm and zeal for Christ and his desire to share the Good News with others.  I asked what they had been learning and he told me that they were learning how to write their testimonies.  How to write a testimony, I thought, is exactly what I need to know; perhaps since I have been thinking about the subject ever since my posts about Fr. Jose’s Despedida and Intentional Discipleship

Have I done it? No. But I am still thinking about it, and now I know how to do it.  First, describe your life before your conversion. Second, tell what event pushed you toward the Lord.  Third, describe your life after having discovered the love of God in a personal way.

Knowing all that it takes to prepare a testimony is all well and good, but the real reason I haven’t done it because the truth about me is hard to tell.  My selfish pride keeps me from telling about the amazing grace that saved a wretch like me.  Then, I heard another woman tell my story.  I was listening to a talk from World Youth Day in Sydney where Chrystalina Evert eloquently told my story though it was her own.  Thanks for breaking the ice, Chrystalina, it is time for me to face the truth about myself and put my trust in the Lord who has so much grace in store for others who will hear my story, too.



  1. Hey I know that Youth!!
    I’m looking forward to hearing your testimony Alisa!
    God Bless!

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