Posted by: akostecka | August 14, 2008

God of Wonders

What a wonderful time we’re having in God’s beautiful and grand creation!  On Sunday we left Spokane and spent the night on the Oregon/California border at Goose Lake.  Before we got there, we got some bad news concerning our good friend and neighbor Nancy, who has been in the hospital for a week battling cancer and some internal bleeding.  Our other neighbor called to tell us that Nancy had slipped into a coma and things weren’t looking good, so our family said a rosary for her in the car and continue to pray for her (would you pray for Nancy and John, too?) 

Monday we made it down to Lake Tahoe where we’re camping at the South Tahoe campground right across the street from the lake.  Pat and the kids (except Nathan) are at the beach right now while I am doing laundry not far away. 


Photo courtesy of Naomi who ran up part way with the camera as they were coming down triumphantly. 

Today we headed around the lake to Tahoe Villiage and Emerald Bay—wow!  What a God of Wonders we have!!


When we left this place and wondering at all the beauty, we got a call from our neighbor John who had a story to tell about his wife, Nancy.  John said that Nancy was now sitting up in bed and drinking some water!!!  What a God of wonders indeed!!! 



Here’s the gang looking down from Heavenly Ski area at South Lake Tahoe. 

At the top of the ski area, we hiked around a little (notice the girls in their flip flops).  Pat wanted to climb to the top, so he did; but he didn’t get very far when Micaela and Brianna went running up after him to climb to the top, right up a ski run!! 







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