Posted by: akostecka | October 9, 2008

Economic Prophecy

You must read this article that I didn’t have time to write, but Rev. Dwight Longnecker did it for me, here it is from Inside Catholic:

Pope John Paul II prophesied just such a collapse. He said that there were two materialistic, atheistic, economic and social systems: communism and secular capitalism. Both were doomed because both were built on a system without God, and therefore without morality, without respect for human rights, without concern for others, and without real concern for either individual human beings or society as a whole.

John Paul II said that both systems would eventually collapse because it was impossible — given their philosophical presuppositions — to stand. Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted the same truth by saying that the whole monetary system is a house built on sand. Such a house cannot stand, and the fall of a splendidly, luxurious house built on sand is even more spectacular and tragic to behold.


Please read the rest of this article because you will ba amazed at how JPII appeals to the conscience of those in power to look out for the common good of people.  We have seen not only a collapse of the market, but a collapse of (well-formed) conscience driven economy that the MBA ethics classes didn’t influence.



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