I am so blessed to be able to look out the window at home and see the mountains rising up from the valley.  I feel so small next to them and it just reminded me of how little I am amongst all the great saints.  I am just a little housewife making my way with my family; trying, failing, dreaming, falling, all for the greater glory of God (AMDG).  For His glory, I find hope that I can be holy in my own little way; here at home, with my husband, with my children, with my family, with friends and with strangers.  I am content to be here, where I am.  Just like the little saint from whom I find much inspiration for the “little way.” 

St. Therese of Lisieux  said,

I have always wanted to become a saint. Unfortunately when I have compared myself with the saints, I have always found that there is the same difference between the saints and me as there is between a mountain whose summit is lost in the clouds and a humble grain of sand trodden underfoot by passers-by. Instead of being discouraged, I told myself: God would not make me wish for something impossible and so, in spite of my littleness, I can aim at being a saint. It is impossible for me to grow bigger, so I put up with myself as I am, with all my countless faults. But I will look for some means of going to heaven by a little way which is very short and very straight, a little way that is quite new. (Story of a Soul)

Lord, help me to will the one thing.  To passionately desire to be a saint, even in, and especially in the little things I do each day.  Let me remember to do all things in love for God is love.  Love is the one thing that can truly transform my life, my family and the whole world, one little act at a time. 


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